Asuma Momota
Asuma Momota
Kanji 遊馬百汰
Romaji Asuma Momota
Nicknames Asuma, Asuma-kun, Asuma-senpai, Momota, Momo-senpai, Momo-tan
Personal Info
Age 18
Birthday May 23
Height 179cm
Weight 65kg
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Year Third year
Class D
Course Sport
Club Affiliation Tennis Club
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Sukiyaki
Dislike Food Konbu maki
Favorite Subject Sport
Hobby Tennis, Dance game
Attribute & Cards
Attribute Knight
High Normal (HN) 1
Rare (R) 16
High Rare (HR) 12
Super Rare (SR) 25
Super Super Rare (SSR) 1
Prism 1
Seiyuu 水島 大宙 (Mizushima Takahiro)
The positive guy of intuition fight

Asuma Momota (遊馬百汰) is a third year student of Fujisho Academy, belongs to Knight Attribute.


Momota is a highly athletic student with fantastic motor skills. Though his tennis skills are excellent, his academics fall behind as he only wants to do things that are fun for him.


Momota is cheerful, energetic, and is the "older brother" type of person. Like he introduces himself, he loves almost everything that makes his body move around.


Momota has average height, with a fair skin and golden eyes. He has slight wavy golden-colored short hair. He loosen his school ties, and rolled up his school uniform sleeves.

More about him

May contain spoilers
  • Prefers meat over fish
  • Has 5 years old younger sister and 3 years old younger brother
  • Although class is different, he gets along with Momokoshi Haru. They often go the game center together.
  • He knows Momokoshi Haru's habit of hugging people, he just laugh and let it go.
  • His motif flower is tulip. (Birthday SR card)

Walk-though Scenario

???: I am really sorry! I was running around without looking properly....

User: Not really, I was absentminded too....

Asuma Momota:
Momota (scenario)
君、ホントに大丈夫? 怪我してない?……そっか、良かった。俺は3年の遊馬百汰。特技はテニス! 趣味は身体を動かすこと!卒業後は留学するとかしないとか、そんな話も出てるけど、将来の話なんかはまだ遠すぎて、実感湧かないんだよな。……とにかく校内で会ったら、いつでも声かけてよ。これからよろしくな!
"Are you, alright? Do you hurt? ...I see, I'm glad. I am Asuma Momota, third year. My specialty is playing tennis! My interest is move around my body! After graduation, things like studying abroad or not such story is out, but the story of the future is ahead of time so I don't feel it anything .....Anyway, you can call me out when you see me in school anytime. Nice to meet you from now on!"

User: Me too, it was a pleasure meeting you.


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