Event 62
Start: 10 April 2015 16:00
End: 18 April 2015 13:59

As enters April, here comes the seasonal freshman welcome party for this year. Together with the boyfriends who are appealing to join their clubs, let's GET doki doki points and level UP your familiarity!


How to playEdit

Event RulesEdit

Get along with worrisome boyfriends♪ MAX the familiarity gauge to success!

If you click this problem is..and get along with the boyfriends, you'll get doki doki points! Let's collect many doki doki points to receive special rewards☆

Point ①Edit

Acquire doki doki points and aim for a ranking!

You'll get the rewards by the acquiring doki doki points and even if you get a high ranking, you can receive the Limited Edition Boyfriend☆

Point ②Edit

Get huge amount of doki doki points from the super-rare worrisome boyfriends!!

From the super-rare worrisome boyfriends in the doki doki mode, you'll get more doki doki points than the other worrisome boyfriends♪

(NEW) Point ③Edit

Also meet with the limited boyfriends by exchanging the rings!

Fill the familiarity gauge MAX to get the rings♪ UP the amount of rings by using candy lips!

Event TipsEdit

Event Tip ①Edit

Let your favorite boyfriend into high attractive boyfriend.

The higher the attractiveness (attack + defend power), the higher the familiarity gauge will fill up!


Event Tip ②Edit

Try to get happy bonus in this event to get better bonus.

You can find it while clearing the area. When you won your rival in Kare Jiman, you'll be rewarded with "Excellent rate 100% bonus"☆ It's a chance to progress the familiarity gauge within 10 minutes♪

Event Tip ③Edit

3 times "ganbaru" to progress your study more and more. By using the Genki three times, you'll be able to progress the event 3 times faster ♪ Archive his response successfully☆ Also, 3 times the doki doki points★

In additionEdit

Get the large amount of doki doki points when combine with candy lips.

1 candy lip (2 pts times) x 3 times "ganbaru" = pt 6 times GET!

3 candy lips (8 pts times) x 3 times "ganbaru" = pt 24 times GET!

5 candy lips (12 pts times) x 3 times "ganbaru" = pt 36 times GET!

Event Tip Edit

Let's further get the doki doki points by "High Touch" with your club members ☆

If you belong to two or more persons in the club, you'll get the doki doki points by high touch with your club members on the way♪

Furthermore, get the doki doki points by using candy lips an 3 times "ganbaru" !!

The doki doki points of "High Touch" is reflected by combination of the the candy lip and 3 times "ganbaru".

Event Tip ⑤Edit

FEVER time is also a chance to advance

FEVER time which begins during the event gives doki doki points! Use of the candy lip will benefit the event more♪

Login PhrasesEdit

1日目 芳屋直景 藤城学園での新しい生活が、オレを男にしてくれるきがするんです! この季節って、不思議といろんなことに挑戦したくなりませんか?
Day 1 Yoshiya Naokage


Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Phrases listEdit

  • These phrases are said by the worrisome boyfriends.
Possible phrasesEdit
九条生晋 フン、貴様も我がフェンシング部に興味があるのか。いい目利きだな。
Kujo Kishin
遊馬百汰 体験入部に来てくれた新入生とテニスをするんだ。君も一緒にどう?
Asuma Momota
西園寺蓮 フフ……、生徒会も華道部も、熱意のある方をお待ちしておりますよ。
Saionji Ren
芳屋直景 あ!先輩も野球部に興味があるんですか?是非見学してください!
Yoshiya Naokage
Serizawa Yuri
Shirakawa Motoi
Tsutsumi Seishiro
Sumeragi Alan
Kuwakado Aoi
Hodaka Natsuki
Kisaragi Toma
Takamura Eiji
Fuwa Keishi

The worrisome boyfriends in the eventEdit

Area- New member! (新歓!)

Kitashiro Takeru

Asuma Momota

Saionji Ren

Yoshiya Naokage

Area- Tour! (見学!)

Serizawa Yuri

Shirakawa Motoi

Tsutsumi Seishiro

Sumeragi Alan

Area- Solicitation! (勧誘!)

Kuwakado Aoi

Hodaka Natsuki

Kisaragi Toma

Takamura Eiji

Area- Doki doki mode (ドキドキモード)


Fuwa Keishi and the rest of the worrisome boyfriends.

Meet the boyfriends in the eventEdit

Keishi SR8 Eiji HR2 Alan R8
To get:
  • Final Rank 1~3000
  • Full all the worrisome boyfriends' familiary gauge
To get:
  • 550000 doki doki points
  • Mid-rank 1~5000
  • Final Rank 1~8000
  • Clear the area- Solicitation! (勧誘!)
To get:
  • 10 doki doki points
  • Mid-rank 1~22000
  • Clear the area- Tour! (見学!)

Reappeared boyfriendsEdit

Seishiro R2 Keishi HR4
To get:
  • Exchange red ring (round 1 to 3)
To get:
  • Exchange gold ring (round 1 only)

Assisted boyfriendsEdit

Naokage HR12Ren R6Alan R8

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