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</poll><font size="4">Featured Boyfriend </font>
</poll><font size="4">Featured Boyfriend </font>
[[File:Momota SR15-SSR (mp).jpg|280px|link=Asuma Momota]]
[[File:Hiromu SSR1-UR (mp).jpg|280px|link=Osaka Hiromu]]

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Welcome to the Boyfriend (kari) Wiki

「ボーイフレンド(仮)」 - Boyfriend (Beta) is a Japanese mobile game published by Ameba Games which combines elements of the popular 'Card Battle' genre of mobile games with Otome games.

BF kari new year 2016

Current Event

Start: 10 June 2016 (16:00) - End: 18 June 2016 (13:59) Event - Taisho Roman 16 -

Cupid Gachas

  • Please note that there is no more of birthday card (except for new boyfriends who haven't got), you will get my page themes instead on their birthday. Click here to check them out!
June 19 - Osaka Hiromu's birthday. Hiromu(icon)
June 23 - Mibu Taiga's birthday. Taiga(icon)
June 26 - Kitashiro Takeru's birthday. Takeru(icon)
July 2 - Moribe Kuniharu's birthday. Kuniharu(icon)
July 7 - Sagisaka Shu's birthday. Shu(icon)

Who Can Play?

Anyone can play Boyfriend (Kari) - but a beginner's knowledge of Japanese is preferable. There is no cost to play the game.

To learn more about how to play, please read the articles in the 「Play Mechanics」 Section.

Beginner? Check out these pages.


Official Website (Only Google Chrome): [1] Official Twitter: [2]



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Who is your favorite seiyuu(Voice Actor) among this list?

The poll was created at 16:06 on October 11, 2015, and so far 29 people voted.
Featured Boyfriend

Hiromu SSR1-UR (mp)

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