These are cards that feature, the boyfriends who are close to each other.

Introduction DialogueEdit

Kitagawa & HiroseEdit

Kitagawa Shota: Kai~! Look at this!

Kitagawa Shota: Look, these are the photos that were taken last year when we were in same class! How nostalgic, right?

Hirose Kai: Oh, it’s nostalgic. ……..Um, there is my sleeping face in this photo!

Kitagawa Shota: Yes, I took it since your sleeping face was too nice~!

Hirose Kai: It-it’s embarrassing so delete it! Rather than drooling, my eyes are half-opened!

Sagisaka & MyojinEdit

Sagisaka Shu: ......Myojin, I would to ask you a favour.

Sagisaka Shu: My notebook computer is broken. This one, can you help me fix it?

Myojin Kengo: Who knows. Bring the broken machine into a garbage dump, not to me.

Sagisaka Shu: This is a reward for fixing it, I brought your favorite potato chips.

Myojin Kengo: Why are you advancing the talking in the flow to undertake? I am not gonna help you definitely!

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