Hirose Kai
Hirose Kai
Kanji 廣瀬櫂
Romaji Hirose Kai
Nicknames Hirose, Hirose-kun, Kai-kun, Kai-senpai
Personal Info
Age 17
Birthday May 27
Height 173cm
Weight 64kg
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Year Second Year
Class C
Club Affiliation Art Club (Ace)
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Ice Cream
Dislike Food Avocado
Favorite Subject Music
Hobby Dancing
Attribute & Cards
Attribute Knight
Normal (N) None
High Normal (HN) None
Rare (R) 11
High Rare (HR) 16
Super Rare (SR) 17
Super Super Rare (SSR) None
Prism 1
Seiyuu 保志 総一朗 (Hoshi Sōichirō)
Rushes the moment he thinks! Positive and brimming with curiosity!

Hirose Kai (廣瀬櫂) is a second year student of Fujisho Academy, belongs to Knight Attribute.


Basically, Kai is a positive guy who tries to interpret things as he conveniences. He would often asked to do event committee.


As he is a class mood maker (acts like a mascot), he has many male friends, and also favored by female students. Although he tries to trick people with his positive attitude, unexpectedly he is a delicate and sensitive guy.


Kai has average height, with a fair skin and big golden eyes. He has middle part dark golden-colored short hair with slight curls at the end. He wears light brown sweater with two white stripes at upper side of the sleeves instead of school uniform.

More about himEdit

May contain spoilers
  • His family consists of father, mother and twin sister.
  • Kai gets along with Shota. He was a classmate of Kai when they were in first year. They both were featured in Nakayoshi(Close Friends) card.
  • His motif flower is daisy. (Birthday SR card)

Walk-though ScenarioEdit

User: (Oh, this picture .... how lively somehow it's good )

???: That is good, right! It's because it was drawn by me!

User: Yes, what a nice artwork indeed. Um, who are you.....

Hirose Kai:
Kai (scenario)
"I am Hirose Kai from second year, class C. ....Even if I don't say, seems like you do know me. Because, you were looking at me all the time? With those eyes, in love! By the way, I am an ace of Art Club. I was asked to do an event committee frequently, regardless of my year, and my features are wide-spread! ...... That's why, please keep in mind. Let's get along!"


  • Kai has appeared in 43 stories. (Prism cards and birthday cards [Happy Flower] do not have story.)
  • He has featured in Character CD together with Amane Keito, Kitagawa Shota and Kuwakado Aoi.
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