Hodaka Natsuki Prince
Hodaka Natsuki
Name: 穂高夏生 (Hodaka Natsuki)
Age: 18
Group: Prince
School Year: Second Year ,Class B
Extracurricular Activity: Agricultural Club
Height: 187cm
Weight: 78kg
Birthday: August 24
Blood type: AB
Favorite food: Chemical-free vegetables
Dislike food: Junk food and chemical seasoned food
Favorite subject: Biology
Hobby: Working at farm
Voiced by: 竹内栄治 (Takeuchi Eiji)

About this character

Natsuki is the only member in agricultural club. It seems that he wants the vegetables to listen to a good classical music when they are growing up.. He is at the forest quite often. He lives with his grandfather and grandmother



Natsuki has appeared in 24 stories.

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