Hosho Mizuki
Hosho Mizuki
Kanji 宝生瑞季
Romaji Hosho Mizuki
Personal Info
Birthday December 19
Height 175cm
Weight 55kg
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Year First Year
Club Affiliation Going Home Club
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Lemon
Dislike Food Mayonnaise
Favorite Subject English
Hobby Collecting Fluffy things, Classic appreciation, Human observation
Attribute & Cards
Attribute Prince
Normal (N) None
High Normal (HN) None
Rare (R) 2
High Rare (HR) 4
Super Rare (SR) 6
Super Super Rare (SSR) None
Seiyuu Shouta Aoi (蒼井翔太) (Japanese)
Ogie Banks (English)

About this characterEdit

Mizuki is a promising figure skater. He is cool but an honest person. He is improving his skating skills constantly. He has a younger brother who is also a figure skater. Izumi Ainosuke is in change of his makeup and match time.

How his addresses peopleEdit

Person Japanese English
First person(Himself) I
Second person(e.g you) あなた You
Others [名前]さん [Name]-san

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Walk-though ScenarioEdit

???: it okay if I take a break here?

User: Ah, I..I'm sorry for occupying the place. Please have a seat--that?

User: (I saw him on TV before......? ....Ah. He is one of the skater....!)

Voice Japanese English
Hosho Mizuki:
Mizuki (scenario)
……あ。挨拶もなしにすみません。俺、宝生瑞季、1年です。あなたはリボンが緑だし、先輩ですよね。まだこの学校に慣れていないところもあるので、いろいろ教えてくれるとうれしいです。俺、ほとんど学校のスケートリンクに入り浸ってるから、まだそこまで学校のこと詳しくないので……。これから、よろしくお願いします。 ....Oh. I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I am Hosho Mizuki, from First Year. Your bow is green so you are senpai. Since, I'm not used to this school yet so I would be happy if you could explain about a lot of things. I hang out frequently at the school's skating rink still I'm familiar with this school yet so.... I would appreciate your favor from now onwards.


Clothing / Expression Uniform Casual Staking
Straight Hosho Mizuki Mizuki-causal (straight) Mizuki-skating (straight)
Smile Mizuki (smiling)
Sad Mizuki (sad) Mizuki-causal (sad) Mizuki-skating (sad)
Angry Mizuki (angry)
Embarrassed Mizuki (embarrassed) Mizuki-causal (embarrassed) Mizuki-skating (embarrassed)
Full body Hosho Mizuki Full Render


Mizuki has appeared in 12 stories.

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