Izumi Chikanojo
Izumi Chikanojo
Kanji 泉愛之丞
Romaji Izumi Chikanojo
Personal Info
Age 17
Birthday May 12
Height 182cm
Weight 64kg
Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Year Second Year
Club Affiliation Beauty Research Club
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Suppon Ryōri
Dislike Food Cup Noodles
Favorite Subject Home Economics
Hobby Beauty research, SNS, updating blog
Attribute & Cards
Attribute Knight
Normal (N) None
High Normal (HN) None
Rare (R) 2
High Rare (HR) 2
Super Rare (SR) 4
Super Super Rare (SSR) None
Seiyuu 岸尾だいすけ (Kishio Daisuke)

About this characterEdit

Chikanojo is a handsome looking guy who is aiming to become a professional hair make-up artist but he speaks like a school girl, with overflowing of youthful energy and bright and comical tension. He loves to update on SNS and blog, and then he has outstanding appearance and conspicuous aura, he is nicknamed as Chika-chan, not only from the academy, also gains support from a wide range of domestic women.


Person Japanese English
First person 私 (Atashi) I
Second person アンタ (Anta) You

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Walk-though ScenarioEdit

???: No way, hey! Don't you think your skin is in bad condition? Did you stay up late at night?

User: Eh? A, ah um....?

???: Un? No way, you have forgotten about last month? Then, I will introduced my self again♪

Voice Japanese English
Izumi Chikanojo:
Chikanojo (scenario)
私は2年E組、泉愛之丞よ。みんな愛ちゃんって呼んでくれてるから、アンタもそう呼んでね? んで、趣味はメイクとー、ヘアセットとー、ブログとかSNS♪ セルフィーのコツ知りたかったら聞いて? あっ、あとプリね! てか、こんな口調だけど、私ちゃんと男だから。そこらへん誤解しないよーに! じゃ、また後でね♪ I am Izumi Chikanojo, from Class 2E. Can you call me, Chika-chan like everyone else? My hobby is make up, hairdo, blogging and SNS. Tell me if you want to know about the tips of selfie, okay? Ah, also puri! How should I put it, I am in such tone but I am a proper man. Don't misunderstand about that! Then, see you later♪


Clothing / Expression Uniform


Straight Izumi Chikanojo
Smile Chikanojo (smiling)
Sad Chikanojo (sad)
Angry Chikanojo (angry)
Embarrassed Chikanojo (embarrassed)
Full body Izumi Chikanojo Full Render


Chikanojo has appeared in 8 stories.

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