Kagami Saku
Kagami Saku
Kanji 加賀見 朔
Romaji Kagami Saku
Personal Info
Age 18
Birthday October 17th
Height 178cm
Weight 68kg
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Year Third Year
Class Class C
Course Art College
Club Affiliation Going Home Club
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Hamburger
Dislike Food Celery, spinach, garland chrysanthemum
Favorite Subject Music
Hobby Guitar, song, collecting bonus hamburger
Attribute & Cards
Attribute King
Normal (N) none
High Normal (HN) none
Rare (R) 5
High Rare (HR) 10
Super Rare (SR) 27
Super Super Rare (SSR) None
Seiyuu 宮野真守 (Miyano Mamoru) (Japanese)
Benjamin Diskin (English)

About this characterEdit

He is main vocal singer of the rock band, Vanitas. He likes to play guitar and write lyrics. He works part-time at a burger shop. Saku's vision is 1.5 without glasses. As he is sensitive to heat, he tends to either avoid using flat sheets or sleep naked. He is friend shaped.





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Walk-Through ScenarioEdit

User: (......わ......、すごく上手なギター演奏......!)

???: ! ......ああ、あんたか。また俺の演奏、聞きに来てたのか?

User: えっ、は、はい......。あの......。

Voice Japanese English
Kagami Saku: ......なんだ、こっちをじっと見て。まさか俺が誰か分からないとか言わないよな。一応、念のため。俺は加賀見朔、3年。4人組のインディーズロックバンド「vanitas」のリーダー兼Vo.だ。あと作詞も担当してる。趣味でギターを弾くこともあるな。......あんたとは学年が違うけど用があるときはいつでも声をかけろ。 ......What are you staring at me for. There's no way that I would say if I don't know someone. Just once, just to be sure. I am Kagami Saku, third year. I am the leader and vocalist of a 4 member indies rock band called "vanitas". I write lyrics and am in charge. My hobby is playing guitar. ......You are a in different year, but if you have any business with me, then let me know.


Saku has appeared in 43 stories.

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