In several stories, you can see the boys go to a "kiosk" to buy their lunches or confectioneries. This is how it works to you too. You can buy edible items, such as Cheer Gummy, Genkiriko, and event items such as Cheer in Jelly, Candy Lip, and Ninki Apple; or other materials.

Menu dark kiosk

You can access the kiosk (購買部) from Menu. Click on the tuck shop logo to be navigated to the kiosk.

Here is a list of items available in the kiosk:

Icon Item Name Price per Unit (coin) Function
げんきりこGenkiriko 100 The fries snack fully recovers your Genki points immediately
チアグミ/ Cheer Gummy 100

The function varies depends on different situations:

  • Fully refill your cost immediately
  • Replenish all 4 hearts in Club Wars or "Protect me! My Prince" event
  • Attack the Nampa guys with a 6-heart boost
Cheer in Jelly
チアinゼリーCheer in Jelly 100
  • Attack the Nampa guys with a 12-heart boost
  • This item will only be available during "Protect Me! My Prince" events
Candy Lip
キャンディーリップ/ Candy Lip 100
  • Get bonus in doki doki points and rings in Marathon event
  • This item will only be available during "Boyfriend & I" events
人気アップル/ Ninki Apple 100
  • Apple Juice help you attack your rival with a 6-heart boost in Club Wars
  • This item will only be available during Club Wars
DX memorable note
DX思い出ノート/ DX Memorial Note 100
  • You will be able to get a definite super-close to your boyfriend in "Tell Me My Darling" event when using the deluxe note
  • This item will only be available during "Tell Me My Darling" events
宝箱/ Treasure Box 100

Treasure your secret photos of the boys' cards to protect them from being taken by others, 1 box for 1 photo

P.S. Actually you won't need this item so don't buy it

Sometimes, the items will come in a combo set, such as "buy 10 get 1 free", "buy 20 get 5 free", "buy 50 get 10 free", "buy 100 get 25 free, together with a 10% discount" etc.

For example:

This is a trial set for Club Wars. 2 cans of Ninki Apple and 1 pack of Cheer Gummy, for only 100 coins which costs 300 originally. Each player can purchase once only.

The price is indicated in "coin", it is same as the "boyfriend coin" in iOS or Android app version.

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