Kurogiri Tokimune
Kurogiri Tokimune.png
Kanji 黒霧 時宗
Romaji Kurogiri Tokimune
Personal Info
Age ?
Birthday February 12
Height 185cm
Weight 73kg
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Year Third Year
Club Affiliation Student Council Club
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food None
Dislike Food None
Favorite Subject All good
Hobby Stones
Attribute & Cards
Attribute King
Normal (N) None
High Normal (HN) None
Rare (R) 1
High Rare (HR) 1
Super Rare (SR) 2
Super Super Rare (SSR) None
Seiyuu 羽多野 渉 (Hatano Wataru)

About this character[edit | edit source]

He serves in Saionji's family, Ren's exclusive servant. He is a scary person who is coldhearted, cruel and superficially polite but rude in intent towards others than the person whom he admits or serves. Like a machine, he will follow the orders perfectly without any concerns. He also helps out Saionji Ren with his student council's jobs.

Cards[edit | edit source]

R[edit | edit source]

HR[edit | edit source]

SR[edit | edit source]

Walk-though Scenario[edit | edit source]

??: Excuse me, are you one of student council officials?

[user]: Eh? No, no I am not, um.......?

??: If you are not, could you show me the way to the student council room?

Voice Japanese English
Kurogiri Tokimune :
……申し遅れました。黒霧時宗です。代々西園寺家に勤仕しております。私の役目は、蓮様をお守りすることです。ですので、蓮様と関係のない方は、極力近づかないでいただきたい。理解されましたら、どうぞお引き取りいただけますでしょうか。蓮様の傍にはいつも私がいることを、どうぞお忘れなきよう。それでは失礼いたします。 ".....I am sorry I was late. I am Kurogiri Tokimune. We have been serving Saionji family from generation to generation. My role is to protect Ren-sama. So, if you are not unrelated Ren-sama, please do stay away as much as possible. Once you have understood, could please leave. Please do not forget that I will always by Ren-sama's side. Well then, excuse me."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tokimune has appeared in 4 stories.
  • There are total of 13 cards.
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