Mibu Taiga
Mibu Taiga
Kanji 壬生虎冴
Romaji Mibu Taiga
Nicknames Mibu, Mibu-senpai, Taiga
Personal Info
Age 18
Birthday June 23
Height 176cm
Weight 64kg
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Year Third Year
Club Affiliation BMX Club
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Gratin
Dislike Food Carrot
Favorite Subject Physical Education and English
Hobby BMX Street
Attribute & Cards
Attribute Knight
Normal (N) None
High Normal (HN) None
Rare (R) 5
High Rare (HR) 7
Super Rare (SR) 17
Super Super Rare (SSR) 1
Seiyuu 柿原徹也 (Kakihara Tetsuya)
Bright and active professional BMX rider.

Mibu Taiga (壬生虎冴) is a third year student of Fujishiro Academy, belongs to Knight Attribute.


Taiga is a former child actor. Currently, he is one of the Four Heavenly Kings, and he finds the name strange. He has a president of BMX club, and is the only member of the BMX club.


His communication skill is high and he has an active personality, but when it comes love aspect he is inexperienced.


Taiga has average height, with a fair skin and emerald color eyes. He has a brown colored spiky hair. He rolled up his school uniform sleeves, and wears bike googles around his neck.

More about himEdit

May contain spoilers
  • His elder sister is a model name by the stage name Karen. Her real name is in kanji Karen (華恋).
  • His father is a president of general trading company and his mother, Kaori is an actress.
  • He calls his mother as Kaori-san, and calls his sister as Karen.
  • His motif flower is hibiscus. (Birthday SR card)

Walk-though ScenarioEdit

User: (Wah, this bicycle is cute. Although it's in unusual shape.....)

???: Oh, my bad. Perhaps, is my BMX in your way?

User: wasn't, I just looking at it... y-you are one of the Four Heavenly Kings......

Mibu Taiga:
Taiga (scenario)
あはは、『四天王』か! 変なあだ名だよな、誰がつけたんだろう? 俺にはちゃんと、壬生虎冴って名前があるんだから、おまえにはそれで呼んでほしいかな。おまえは2年? 普通は学年が違うとあまり関わりない気がするけど、この学校は行事が多いから、もしかしたらいろいろとお世話になるかもな。そのときはよろしくな!
"Ahaha, Four Heavenly Kings?! Isn't it a strange name, I wonder who gave it? I do have my own name, Mibu Taiga, so I want you to call me by that name. You are second year student? Normally, we cannot meet when we were in different year but since this academy has so many events, I think I might be able to assist you. So, please take care of me during that time!"


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