Momokoshi Haru
Momokoshi Haru
Kanji 桃越ハル
Romaji Momokoshi Haru
Nicknames Momokoshi, Momokoshi-senpai, Momokoshi-kun, Haru-chan. Haru-chan-senpai, Haru
Personal Info
Age 18
Birthday November 11
Height 181cm
Weight 64kg
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Year Third Year
Club Affiliation Going Home Club
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Fried chicken
Dislike Food Sushi
Favorite Subject Health and Physical Education
Hobby Clubbing, CD shopping, shopping
Attribute & Cards
Attribute Knight
Normal (N) 1
High Normal (HN) 1
Rare (R) 11
High Rare (HR) 18
Super Rare (SR) 21
Super Super Rare (SSR) None
Prism 1
Seiyuu 鈴村 健一 (Suzumura Kenichi)
A playboy who gets lonely easily

Momokoshi Haru (桃越ハル) is a third year student of Fujishiro Academy, belongs to Knight Attribute.


Haru is a cool and popular senior who is popular with the girls. He is also known as "fried chicken-senpai" as he likes fried chicken. Some people calls him "Haru-chan-senpai". As he grew up surrounded by men so he, himself loves girls too. He does DJ too, and he has a wide connection.


Haru has a carefree personality, and good at socialization. He gets lonely easily, wants the body warmth of others, so he got a habit of hugging, and he would hug anyone regardless of gender.


Haru has a middle part neon pink hair blended with light purple. He has dark golden eyes. He wears v-shape orange t-shirt underneath his school shirt with blue headphones around his neck.

More about himEdit

May contain spoilers
  • He has a younger brother, called Hinata. (BF Mode spoiler)
  • He is proud of his own talent for playing, and at game centre he plays music games (so-called rhythm games)
  • He lives with his father's side.
  • His father is an obstetrician and gynecologist. (BF Mode spoiler)
  • Usually, he hangs out with Asuma Momota at game centre although they are from different classes.
  • His motif flower is pansy. (Birthday SR card)

Walk-Through ScenarioEdit

User: Kya!? Why are you hugging me so suddenly....!?

???: Eh, Whats up with that reaction? Don't you remember me?

Momokoshi Haru:
Haru (scenario)
"Let me introduce myself again. I'm Momokoshi Haru. I'm in third year, class E group, going home club. My hobby is ...clubbing, shopping around. Also, girls. That's my biggest hobby. I have only brothers so I have a dream of longing for a girl, something like that? I'm particularly worried about young girl like you. Get along with me from now on? So, if you let me embrace occasionally, I will be happy."

User: (Ah, so he is the Momokoshi-senpai, I see....)


Haru has appeared in 52 stories.

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