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Start: 18 September 2015 16:00
End: 24 September 2015 13:59

How to playEdit


Club Competition! Aim for No 1 Popular Club☆

Moribe Kuniharu: A popular competition which to increase yours club, will be occurred during specific times. Saionji Ren: Collect more popular pt than the opponent club.

Event’s Basic RulesEdit

Rule ①Edit

If you come to this page(Event Corner) during the entry period, you enter the competition automatically!

Sakurazawa Ruka: "Once a day, anyone from the club come and entry, okay♪"

Rule ②Edit

When the time comes, the popular competition will start! UP your Oshimen and aim for the victory!

Rule ③Edit

Collect popular pt from the winning the showdown and GET the rewards☆

Rule ④Edit

Outcome is determined by the sum of the popular pt of the club!

Hirose Kai: Anyway, it means that win against a lot of rivals, right?

Rule ⑤Edit

When your club won, will GET winning points. You will get luxury rewards♪. Even… boyfriend also….?

Rule ⑥Edit

Exchange the proof of popularity, “Brooch” to get the limited boyfriends.

To GET the gold broochGold brooch...?

  • Win against the opponent club’s rival
  • Even more, get 2 gold brooches by using Popular ApplePopular apple


Popular Showdown TipsEdit

Tip ①Edit

When you drink the Popular ApplePopular apple……

  • Attack Charm Up 6 times!!
  • Get 2 gold broochesGold brooch

Myojin Kengo: You can GET popular point too

Tip ②Edit

Also discuss each other settle peacefully!?

GET the points without losing♪

Kujo Kishin: Winning the opponent is not just a victory. See though the tactic

Tip ③Edit

Here come the time to use the “popular technique” (Club’s Smile)! Gather the “confident” to use the technique

Head of the Club’s Smile: All members of the club’s offense and defense 50% UP for 10 minutes

Kitashiro Takeru: Members can brawl to send “confident” to Head of Club in Public Activity. Remember that!

Moribe Kuniharu: Kitashiro-kun! Head of the Club also can gather “confident” from winning in the popular showndown!

Login PhrasesEdit

Day 1


Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Meet the boyfriends in the eventEdit

Ikuto SR21 Aoi SR16 Kazuki HR11 Kuon R14
To get:
  • Popular pt 3500000pt♪
  • Final individual rank 1~500♪
  • Club rank 1~200♪
To get:
  • Popular pt 800000pt♪
  • Final individual rank 1~3000♪
  • Winning point 40pt♪
  • Victory 900 wins♪
To get:
  • Winning point 20pt♪
  • Club rank 1~1000♪
  • Victory 50 wins♪
  • Clear Gold BroochGold brooch (round 2 only)♪
  • Beginner rank 1~2000♪
To get:
  • Popular pt 250000pt♪
  • Victory 5 wins♪
  • Clear Red BroochRed brooch (round 1 & 3 only)♪

Assisted BoyfriendsEdit

  • Assisted boyfriends help to increase the popular pt even more!!
  • If you several Assisted Boyfriends, all the assist effect will be pulsed!
  • If you several same Assisted Boyfriends, only the most stepped Assisted Boyfriend will increase the popular pt☆
Ren SR16 Shu HR12 Kuon R14 Kishin R9
[Step 1] 30% UP [Step 1] 15% UP [Step 1] 5% UP [Step 1] 5% UP
[Step 2] 40% UP [Step 2] 20% UP [Step 2] 10% UP [Step 2] 10% UP
[Step 3] 50% UP [Step 3] 30% UP [Step 3] 15% UP [Step 3] 15% UP
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