Event - Spy Game -
Start: 17 February 2016 16:00
End: 24 February 2016 13:59

How to PlayEdit

Club Competition!

Aim for No 1 Popular Club☆

Moribe Kuniharu: A popular competition which to increase yours club, will be occurred during specific times. Saionji Ren: Collect more popular pt than the opponent club.

Event’s Basic Rules

Rule ①Edit

If you come to this page(Event Corner) during the entry period, you enter the competition automatically!

Sakurazawa Ruka: "Once a day, anyone from the club come and entry, okay♪"

Rule ②Edit

When the time comes, the popular competition will start! UP your Oshimen and aim for the victory!

Rule ③Edit

Collect popular pt from the winning the showdown and GET the rewards☆

Rule ④Edit

Outcome is determined by the sum of the popular pt of the club!

Hirose Kai: Anyway, it means that win against a lot of rivals, right?

Rule ⑤Edit

When your club won, will GET winning points. You will get luxury rewards♪. Even… boyfriend also….?

Rule ⑥Edit

Exchange the proof of popularity, “Brooch” to get the limited boyfriends.

To GET the gold broochGold brooch...?

1. Win against the opponent club’s rival

2. Even more, get 2 gold brooches by using Popular ApplePopular apple

Popular Showdown Tips

Tip ①Edit

When you drink the Popular ApplePopular apple……

1. Attack Charm Up 6 times!!

2. Get 2 gold broochesGold brooch

Myojin Kengo: You can GET popular point too

Tip ②Edit

Also discuss each other settle peacefully!?

GET the points without losing♪

Kujo Kishin: Winning the opponent is not just a victory. See though the tactic

Tip ③Edit

Here come the time to use the “popular technique” (Club’s Smile)! Gather the “confident” to use the technique

Head of the Club’s Smile: All members of the club’s offense and defense 50% UP for 10 minutes

Kitashiro Takeru: Members can brawl to send “confident” to Head of Club in Public Activity. Remember that!

Moribe Kuniharu: Kitashiro-kun! Head of the Club also can gather “confident” from winning in the popular showndown!

See here for detailed infomation: My Club is No.1☆

Login PhrasesEdit

Day 1


Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Meet the boyfriends in the eventEdit

Fuwa Keishi SR17 Prince Mibu Taiga SR11 Knight Shinonome Tatsumi HR6 Knight Asuma Momota R13 Knight
Keishi SR17 Taiga SR11 Tatsumi HR6 Momota R13
To get:
  • Popular pt 5000000pt♪
  • Final individual rank 1~500♪
  • Club rank 1~200♪
To get:
  • Popular pt 1000000pt♪
  • Final individual rank 1~3000♪
  • Winning point 48pt♪
  • Victory 900 wins♪
To get:
  • Winning point 20pt♪
  • Club rank 1~1000♪
  • Victory 100 wins♪
  • Clear Gold BroochGold brooch (round 2 only)♪
To get:
  • Popular pt 350000pt♪
  • Victory 5 wins♪
  • Clear Red BroochRed brooch (round 1 & 3 only)♪

Assisted BoyfriendsEdit

  • Assisted boyfriends help to increase the popular pt even more!!
  • If you several Assisted Boyfriends, all the assist effect will be pulsed!
  • If you several same Assisted Boyfriends, only the most stepped Assisted Boyfriend will increase the popular pt☆
Wakasa Ikuto SR25 King Kujo Kishin HR17 King Sena Ryunosuke R18 Prince
Ikuto SR25 Kishin HR17 Ryunosuke R18
Popular point

[Step 1] +30%

[Step 2] +40%

[Step 3] +50%

Popular point

[Step 1] +15%

[Step 2] +20%

[Step 3] +30%

Popular point

[Step 1] +5%

[Step 2] +10%

[Step 3] +15%


[Step 1] -

[Step 2] +1

[Step 3] +2


[Step 1] -

[Step 2] -

[Step 3] +1


[Step 1] -

[Step 2] -

[Step 3] -


[Step 1] -

[Step 2] +10

[Step 3] +20


[Step 1] -

[Step 2] +3

[Step 3] +6


[Step 1] -

[Step 2] -

[Step 3] -

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