Keishi's birthday sample

My Page Designs are decorated themes that decorate your My Page. They are available during the special events such as Halloween or etc. Either you can buy with 10 coins for Event Specials or 500 coins for Boyfriend Specials. Now, My Page Themes for the Boyfriends Birthday Specials that are available on their birthday are free!

How to Change My Page DesignsEdit

You can change your my page themes by going to "Menu"(メニュー) -> "Profile"(プロフィール) -> Search for My Page Design (マイページのデザイン). Then click on "Set Your Design"(デザインを設定する). Finally, click on "Confirm"(確認する) two times to change. If you do not want to change the design click "Quit"(やめる). To change back, click on "Remove"(はずす).


  • The Boyfriends Birthday Specials are only available on each boyfriends' birthday so you must collect them before 23:59(JST)/ Japanese time or you would not get them!!!
  • To claim Boyfriends Birthday Specials go to "Notification"(お知らせ) of your My Page. Click on something like:「★不破先輩HAPPY BIRTHDAY★」and then go to "Gifts(ギフト)" to collect them.


Event Specials (2015)Edit

8100 8101 8102

Boyfriend SpecialsEdit

Shu icon Kengo icon Masaomi icon Toma icon

Birthday SpecialsEdit

Keishi's birthday icon Chikanojo's birthday icon Momota's birthday icon

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