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|normal =None
|normal =None
|high normal =None
|high normal =None
|rare =5
|rare =6
|high rare =14
|high rare =14
|super rare =15
|super rare =15
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Image:Hiromu R4.jpg
Image:Hiromu R4.jpg
Image:Hiromu R5.jpg
Image:Hiromu R5.jpg
Hiromu R6.jpg|link=Osaka Hiromu R6
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Hiromu has appeared in 34 stories.
Hiromu has appeared in 35 stories.
[[Category:Second Year]]
[[Category:Second Year]]

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Osaka Hiromu
Osaka Hiromu
Kanji 逢坂紘夢
Romaji Osaka Hiromu
Personal Info
Age 17
Birthday June 19th
Height 177cm
Weight 60kg
Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Year Second Year
Class Class E
Club Affiliation Literature Club
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Pickled celery
Dislike Food Simmered Alfonsino
Favorite Subject Japanese Language (Modern)
Hobby Creative activity (writing a novel)
Attribute & Cards
Attribute King
Normal (N) None
High Normal (HN) None
Rare (R) 6
High Rare (HR) 14
Super Rare (SR) 15
Super Super Rare (SSR) None
Seiyuu 寺島拓篤 (Terashima Takuma)

About this character

Sophomore and part of Literature Club. In his introduction, he told heroine (you) that he knew the accessories you wore 3 days ago and being crazy about you. He even know the detail of your behavior and thinking of you as his ideal heroine of his novel. Basically he is a stalker.

Has a family with both parents and older brother.





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Walk-through Scenario

???: User~san, you like that accessory, isn't? You wore that 3 days ago too.

User: ....? Er...? you are.....?

???: Yes? Do you want to know more, about me? He he, I'm really happy.

Voice Japanese English
Osaka Hiromu :
Hiromu (scenerio)
初めまして……ではないけれど、改めて自己紹介させてもらうね。僕は2年E組の逢坂紘夢。文芸部に所属しているよ。だから、得意科目は現代文かな。……君は気づいていないだろうけれど、僕はずっと前から、君に夢中だったんだ。ふふ……。詳しいいきさつは、これから親しくなりながら、お互いに語り合えるといいな。 "Nice to you meet although it's not. I will introduce myself again. I am Osaka Hiromu, from second year class E. I am in Literature Club. So, I think my favorite subject is Modern Japanese Language....although you didn't notice me, I was crazy about you for a long time. He he... From now on, I hope that we can talk more detailed circumstances while we are getting close together."


Clothing / Expression




Tuxedo (with blush)

Straight Osaka Hiromu Hiromu-yukata (straight) Hiromu Tuxedo Straight
Smile Hiromu (smiling) Hiromu-yukata (smiling) Hiromu Tuxedo Smile
Sad Hiromu (sad) Hiromu Tuxedo Sad 2 Hiromu Tuxedo Sad
Angry Hiromu (angry) Hiromu-yukata (angry)
Embarrassed Hiromu (embarrassed) Hiromu Tuxedo Embarrassed 2 Hiromu Tuxedo Embarrassed
Full body Osaka Hiromu Full Render


Hiromu has appeared in 35 stories.

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