Saionji Ren
Saionji Ren
Kanji 西園寺蓮
Romaji Saionji Ren
Personal Info
Age 17
Birthday January 8
Height 183cm
Weight 67kg
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Year Third Year
Class Class B
Course Liberal Arts College
Club Affiliation Student Council Club, Ikebana Club (President)
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Daifuku
Dislike Food Ramen
Favorite Subject Art
Hobby Ikebana, classic music and meditation
Attribute & Cards
Attribute King
Normal (N) 1
High Normal (HN) None
Rare (R) 9
High Rare (HR) 8
Super Rare (SR) 19
Super Super Rare (SSR) None
Seiyuu 福山潤 (Fukuyama Jun)

About this character

The official circle which states Ren's favorite food (Daifuku) from that onward Ren is known as Daifuku~senpai. He is worse with affectation of dialogues and speaks in a suggestive dialogues.






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Walk-though Scenario

User: I heard from a broadcast that there is a lost item......

???: Hehe, I have been waiting for you, User~san.

Voice Japanese English
Saionji Ren:
Ren (scenerio)
はじめまして。私は西園寺蓮、この学校の生徒会長と華道部の部長を兼務しております。ですから名乗るまでもなく、あなたも私を知っていたかもしれませんね。趣味は瞑想で、苦手科目は特にありませんが、得意科目をどれかひとつ選ぶなら……美術でしょうか。私は花と美の融合を、芸術で追求していきたいと思っています。それから……フフ、私はあなたのような美しい花が大好きなのです。 "Nice to meet you. I am Saionji Ren, I serve as the president of student council and ikebana club. Even without claiming, you might know me. I am interested in meditation, particularly I don't have weak subject yet, but if I choose one of my favorite subjects, I think it would I think I would like to fusion the beauty of the flowers, to pursue as an art piece. Then......hehe, I love a beautiful flower like you very much."

Saionji Ren: Now, let me pass to you the student handbook. Follow me, please.


Clothing / Expression


Straight Saionji Ren
Smile Ren (smiling)
Sad Ren (sad)
Angry Ren (angry)
Embarrassed Ren (embarrassed)
Full body Saionji Ren Full Render


Ren has appeared in 37 stories.

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