Saionji Ren King
Saionji Ren
Name: 西園寺蓮 (Saionji Ren)
Age: 17
Group': King
School Year: Third Year, Class B (Liberal arts college)
Extracurricular Activity: Student council, President of Ikebana
Height: 183cm
Weight: 67kg
Birthday: January 8
Blood type: A
Favorite food: Daifuku
Dislike food: Ramen
Favorite subject: Art
Hobby: Ikebana, classic music and meditation
Voiced by: 福山潤 (Fukuyama Jun)

About this character

The official circle which states Ren's favorite food (Daifuku) from that onwards Ren is known as Daifuku~senpai. He is worse with affectation of dialogues and speaks in a suggestive dialogues.



Ren has appeared in 23 stories

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