Sena Ryunosuke
Sena Ryunosuke
Kanji 瀬名竜之介
Romaji Sena Ryunosuke
Personal Info
Age 18
Birthday November 23
Height 184cm
Weight 72kg
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Year Third Year
Club Affiliation Swimming Club
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Pancake
Dislike Food Tapioca
Favorite Subject Physical Education
Hobby Hypnosis
Attribute & Cards
Attribute Prince
Normal (N) None
High Normal (HN) None
Rare (R) 19
High Rare (HR) 12
Super Rare (SR) 13
Super Super Rare (SSR) None
Seiyuu 阿部 敦 (Abe Atsushi) (Japanese)
Josh Keaton (English)

About this characterEdit

Ryunosuke is a member of the swimming club. He loves pancakes. Ryunosuke's goal is to make 100 friends at school. He has nicknames for his friends and teachers; for example, he calls Shinonome Tatsumi "Nono".





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Walk-though ScenarioEdit

???: お~い、そこのきみーっ!ちょっと待って~!

User: 私ですか......?

Voice Japanese English
Sena Ryunosuke:
Ryunosuke (scenario)
ねえねえ、オレと友達にならない? オレ、学校で友達を100人つくるのが目標なんだ! きみも、オレの友達になってほしいな!……ってオレ、まだ自己紹介してなかった? へへへ、ごめ~ん。オレは3年D組の瀬名竜之介だよ、部活は水泳部!そうだ~、よかったら見学においでよ。きみが来るの待ってるね~! Hey hey, won't you become my friend? For me, it's my goal to make 100 friends at school! You too, I want you to become my friend! ......Oh I didn't introduce myself yet? Hehehe, sorry. I am third year class D Sena Ryunosuke, my club is the swimming club! Right, it would be good if you visited. I'll be waiting for you to come~!

User: はい、わかりました。これからよろしくお願いします!


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