Shinkai Rinto
Shinkai Rinto
Kanji 新海凛十
Romaji Shinkai Rinto
Personal Info
Age 16
Birthday December 13
Height 173cm
Weight 59kg
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Year First Year
Club Affiliation Going Home Club
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Crab & shrimp
Dislike Food Strawberry
Favorite Subject Music
Hobby Band activity, composing and repairing guitar
Attribute & Cards
Attribute King
Normal (N) 1
High Normal (HN) None
Rare (R) 10
High Rare (HR) 14
Super Rare (SR) 30
Super Super Rare (SSR) 12
Ultra Rare (UR) 1
Seiyuu 小野友樹 (Ono Yuuki)

About this character

Rinto has a cute face, but anyway he is cheeky and aloof. Although he acts cool, he can become hot-blooded easily. Also has high pride and he won't forgive a single mistake. He plays a guitar role in the indie band, called Vanitas.







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Walk-though Scenario

???: Geez, thick-headed woman, don't involve with strange guys.

User: I am sorry. Thank you for your help. Um,....

Voice Japanese English
Shinkai Rinto:
Rinto (scenario)
……新海凛十。藤城の1年で、vanitasのギター担当。あー、vanitasっつーのは今オレがやってるバンドの名前な。時々ライブもやってっから、見にくれば?得意科目は音楽と物理。苦手科目……? オレに苦手なことなんてあるわけねーだろ。音楽も勉強も完ペキに両立してんだよ、オレは。 I'm Shinkai Rinto. I am a first year student of Fujishiro and in charge of a guitar role in Vanitas. Ah, Vanitas is the band that I am in. We are performing live shows sometimes so why don't you come and see? My favorite subject is music and physical. Weak subjects ...? There is no way for me to have a weak subjects. I am completing both music and study together.

Shinkai Rinto: Tsk,.....I talked too much. See ya. I'm not gonna help you again.


Rinto has appeared in 52 stories.

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