Masaomi SR1
Card ID: 439
Rarity: SR
Cost: 14
Sell for: 20000 men
Max.Level: {{{Lv}}}
Min. ATK/DEF: 2566/2893
Max. ATK/DEF: {{{MaxATK}}}/{{{MaxDEF}}}
Skill: Greatly increases all types' defense


"I want to live up to your expectations."


A very important experience.

How to AcquireEdit

  • Premium Cupid


Step 1Edit

Chatting Time: What's wrong? Did something happen?
Chatting Time: The wind is slightly strong today....
Chatting Time: Perfect timing.
Phone date comment: You want to go out somewhere with me? It's fine by me, but ...... I'm going to check my schedule; tell me when you're free.
Kare Jiman appeal: I want to live up to your expectations.

Step 2Edit

My PageEdit

  • I have unsavory ties with Saionji and Kujo though.......
  • Please keep the secret that I was near that pound.
  • The book that you asked me to read was interesting.

To schoolEdit



After SchoolEdit

  • If you like it, do you want to have lunch together?



Date CommentEdit

Your smile is like a spring of sunlight that shines though the trees. Warm, soft, friendly ...... and nice smile. Today, I can keep them to myself. So as not to forget this day, I will keep deeply into my heart.

Kare JimanEdit


  • I am really relieved you win. To be honest, I was nervous that what should I do if I cannot protect you.


  • ...... it's a pity. I thought I gave all my very best but.....sorry.

Part time jobEdit

Usually, I don't really like part time job but if you are with me I might enjoy it.

Affection MAXEdit

When I was playing in the music room after the school, I was just freaky were happened to be in that place, I was relieved the tear of that time was really beautiful. Also if there is a chance, now purely, I only want to play the piano just for you. I don't like 'getting someone to be heard' I don't find any significance in that. You know why...... I want you let to hear.

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