Edition-Memorial Meeting of October 2014-
Start: 24 October 2015 16:00
End: 30 October 2015 13:59

How to play

Talk to the Boyfriend and get along well.Get closer to him by giving him presents. When you give the Boyfriends a present, the Nakayoshi Level rises, and you will get Familiarity Points! Get more Familiarity Points than your rival and receive special rewards.

Point ①

Raise the Boyfriends Nakayoshi Level. When you give a present, the Nakayoshi Gauge increases♪ When you fill the Gauge, you will receive rewards♪

Point ②

Get Familiarity Points and aim for the Highest Ranking! As you receive more Familiarity Points, you'll get rewards. And ... if you get a high ranking, you can get SR Memorial Photo☆

Point ③

Gather ribbons and let's go exchange them. You'll find the ribbons during "Present to Boyfriend Time"♪ Exchange those ribbons to get Memorable Boyfriend ticket☆

Point ④

Collect the Photos of Memorable Meeting and deliver to the Boyfriend! You can pick up the help item while talking to your boyfriends♪ UP individual cooperation level & club cooperation level to get rewards!

Event Tips

Event Tips No.1

Get lots of Familiarity Points during LoveLove Present Time! Increase the Nakayoshi Gauge a lot! If you are in LoveLove Present Time, you'll get more points than you would during normal present time!

Event Tips No.2

During LoveLove Mode the occurance of LoveLove Present Time is greatly Increased! You'll definitely get Super Familiarity if you give a present. LoveLove Present Time is increased for ten minutes.

Event Tips No. 3

If you give DX memorial noteDX memorable note , you'll 100% receive Super Familiarity Points! What's more get 5 ribbons!

Event Tips No.④

GET large amount....With DX memorial note!!

1 note + 2 times Familiarity Points

3 notes + 8 times Familiarity Points

5 notes + 12 times Familiarity Points

Login Phrases

Day 1


Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Meet the boyfriends in the event

Seishiro SR7 Saku SR10 Minato SR4 Kengo SR8 Masaomi SR15 Kuon SR3 Takeru SR7

Assisted Boyfriends

  • If you have Assisted Boyfriends, accessible pt will be plus which you can earn during the present time!
  • Just by having Assisted Boyfriends, they will plus your accessible pt during the present time and LoveLove Present Time ☆
  • The more Assisted Boyfriends stepped, they can multiple your accessible pt♪
Nozomi SR4 Shota HR7 Keishi R9

[Step 1] 42pt plus

[Step 2] 82pt plus

[Step 3] 126pt plus


[Step 1] 15pt plus

[Step 2] 30pt plus

[Step 3] 45pt plus


[Step 1] 6pt plus

[Step 2] 12pt plus

[Step 3] 18pt plus

Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 70pt plus

[Step 2] 140pt plus

[Step 3] 210pt plus

Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 25pt plus

[Step 2] 50pt plus

[Step 3] 75pt plus

Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 10pt plus

[Step 2] 20pt plus

[Step 3] 30pt plus

Super Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 400pt plus

[Step 2] 800pt plus (2 times)

[Step 3] 2000pt plus (2.5 times)

Super Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 120pt plus

[Step 2] 180pt plus (1.5 times)

[Step 3] 450pt plus (2.5 times)

Super Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 50pt plus

[Step 2] 75pt plus (1.5 times)

[Step 3] 150pt plus (2 times)

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