• Ibuki san, could you help me translate 愛情度? Like how to play and stuffs. Currently, I am forcusing on exams and translate some R cards, so please do help me if you don't mind. 

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    • Sorry for being so late!!! I can help that but since I'm preparing for my last semster of Year II study, the progress will be a bit slow.

      So how would you like to translate "愛情度" to English? If you have any idea of that, please add a new sub-page under the tab "About". I will take some time to figure out the whole mechanism of "愛情度" and start the work.

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    • Hi Aoi!

      I have came up with a translation of "愛情度" as "affection". If you are ok with that, please add a new page under the tab "Boyfriend (Kari)", to the right-hand side of "Cards". Thank you!

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    • Okay sure, I will do that.

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